Top 10 things you must do in Brisbane in One Day

Top 10 things you must do in Brisbane in One Day


Are you a tourist that has just arrived in Brisbane and would like to know all the best and iconic spots to go in Brisbane? Do you like flexibility? Do you like the comfort of being in the right hands, showing you beautiful destinations, showcasing the best seeing destinations of Brisbane.


Number 1 Place to visit if not already… Mt Coot-ha – (lookout)


Mt Coo-tha is the highest lookout point of the CBD


Its absolutely amazing to visit during morning and night. You’ll get to see from a far how beautiful the Brisbane city looks. By coming up here, you’ll be knowledgeable on your surroundings locations and buildings. You can see the ocean from the east and the Brisbane city river. There is an awesome café up there for all the coffee lovers out there. Fresh Views and a beautiful breeze that won’t disappoint

Number 2

Botanical Garden.

Brisbane Botanical Gardens is one of Brisbane’s finest gardens filled with beautiful flowers and trees. The Garden is set out with ponds and waterfalls. The Botanical gardens is one of the best places for photo taking with nature. The Botanical garden is kept with care with fantastic gardeners which makes the place look like a garden paradise. It’s an easy leisurely walk for seniors, perfect for couples and great for the kids. The Botanical garden is best done in the morning. It is a perfect destination for those who likes to explore the wonders of nature.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Number 3

Wellington point Is one of the top destinations people should visit while they are here in Brisbane. Not only is it the most eastly destination of Brisbane, during mid-day when the waters are shallow, the ocean sets path like the scene biblical scene of Moses. Most locals and tourist go there because its fantastic for the kids to play as the waters are shallow and it is also a great pick nick destination for friends and family

Number 4

Brisbane Clock Tower (Add Video, Sneak Peak Preview)


Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower. Shows the history of Brisbane (add history and learn )


Brisbane City Hall was first build between 1920 and 1930s. The Brisbane City hall has done major redevelopments, spending $215 Million. The Brisbane City Hall is the heart of Brisbane. Brisbane City Hall has a dedicated museum, showcasing Brisbane’s history and culture to what has been developed today.


Get excited and be taken up into the Brisbane city hall clock. From there you will get to see one of Brisbane best sightseeing spots over king George Square. You get to be Inside Brisbane city clock tower and will get to learn the mechanism in which why to clock was made. Look over at the balcony and take some photo with your guests.




Number 5

Brisbane Cathedral Hall is another fantastic destination for those who would like to find out the battles and the history of religion in Brisbane. Learn How and why this historical location was formed and created.

Number 6


Brisbane Story Bridge Is a great sight seeing destination to take a photo. At night, the pretty lights always sets the mood. Learn about why the story bridge was named that way. The Brisbane story bridge was named after John Douglas Story. The reason why it was named after Mr Douglas Story was because he was an influential public servant who advocated strongly for the construction of the bridge.

Number 7

Kangaroo Point – Is another sight seeing looking which will look out to (Eagle street). From here you will see some of Brisbane tallest commercial office buildings. Set long the Brisbane river, it is a fantastic view of Brisbane CBD. At night the combination of the glistering lights makes the city feel alive.


Number 8

Another great place to visit is Mt Tamborine. The Hinterlands Mountains have a spectacular terrain, beautiful waterfalls, fantastic environment and food.


Eat street markets – Is a Food Stall Food Galore that covers Multicultural Food. Fantastic option if don’t know where to eat for dinner. I’m sure everyone there will agree on something. Great Fantastic Food.

Number 9
– Mt Tamborine Sky Walk

Elevated 30 metres off the ground, Tamborine Rainforest Sky Walks offers a unique and exciting way of exploring beautiful rainforest canopies. The walk is easy to do with a total walk of 1.5km and offers tourists with disability(wheelchair) access to the elevated walk way. There are many sightseeing locations to take quality photos.



Number 10


Thunderbird park – Rock hunting

Find your own treasures and unearth a 200 million-year-old mystery. Uncover prehistoric volcanic lava at the worlds largest thunder egg mine. Administration (Entry) will give you a bucket and a pick (Equipment) to collect your treasures.


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