5 Reasons Why You Should Book Private Tour Guides 

Picking a tour guide for your next holiday can make the difference between an okay trip and a trip to remember. You can plan all you want, but you will never be able to get the same personalized and authentic experiences as you would get with a well associated tour guide that is a local themselves. There are many good reasons for hiring a tour guide:

1.) Flexibility: The biggest perk of hiring a tour guide is that you can sight-see on your time schedule, so you have full control over your day, especially when you are trying to maximize the few days you have in that particular city.


2.) Visiting hidden gems the city has tucked away might not be an option with a regular tour guide as they have to cater to a big number of tourists. Private tour guides know the back end of the city really well so visiting the city’s hidden corners, including where regular tourists do not visit is an advantage when sightseeing with your own private tour guide. Learning the history and past events that took place in the city you are exploring from a local is an advantage as they grew up there so they know the city on a more personal level.


3.) Drive Me Tour offer a Free Photo Service! Feel bad asking strangers to take a photo of you? Perks of booking with Drive Me Tour is that all tours include free photography service. Not only do you get your photos taken everywhere you go like paparazzi but you also get them sent directly to your email!

4.) With Drive Me Tours, there is no wasted time when you’re on holiday! We pace the tour to your needs and schedule. If you consider the amount of time and money spent on public transport, it only makes sense to add value to your trip since your time is limited and you get to experience more of Australia!

5.) A personal touch is the key element to hiring a private tour guide. From the music you wish to listen to in the car, to the restaurant you decide to eat at. Every choice comes down to you, instead of a group decision where you might not be completely happy with the selection of choices.

With an experienced tour guide, you will see and learn things you would never get from a bus tour guide. It can be a luxury hiring a private tour guide but with the right choices, finding the perfect tour guide is worth the cost!


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